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The Personal Lap Timer

Lap Timer Build Along Parts 1- 4

Coming soon, the final part of the build along - adding the IR Detector.

Lap Timer posts that are not part of the build along series -

Techie post outlining the simple function based approach to the LCD menu

Quick overview of the IR Transmitter circuit

First standalone version

Feature overview

Further overview and videos

Data Logging

Traction Control

Monitoring Wheel Speed

Yaw Control

Interfacing With And Reading RC Equipment

See also the RCArduino Robot

Interfacing With Servos

Servo Trouble Shooting

Introduction and overview of the servo library

The RC Arduino Robot

Introduction, Overview and Video

Calibration, Control and Code

Audio Projects

Arduino Sequencer, Drum Machine and Synth
The Illutron B
Arduino Algorithmic Music

Illutron B

Add External Speakers To Your Projects Auduino Using Arduino Amplifier Circuit

Adding Audio To Arduino Projects

Algorithmic Music 


  1. Thank you for all your work! It's helping me learn a lot.

  2. Really like your rcarduinofastlib . Looking for some code for a syma s107 IR TX module I'm building for a Turnigy 9x (ER9x ). Just dont want to be limited by non-commercial license. The library I located for the IR encoding is GPL and would like to keep the whole project that way. I can still learn a lot from your examples, so thanks so much.

  3. Great site, thanks for all the informative posts!

  4. Great site man! Im now (with ur guide and some of mine) trying to get a stabilisation system working for my speed run rc. I might need you help in the future :) Thanks so much for all the info.

  5. Hello,

    Does the rcarduinofastlib work with the teensy 3.0?


  6. Hi,
    The library is specific to the 8-bit Arduinos however the basic techniques and code described here should run directly on the teensy 3.0 - and can easily be extended to as many channels as you need.


  7. Hi, I'm in Dubai.How can I contact you? I'm a newbie to Arduino and microcontroller.

    1. Hi, You can contact me through the Arduino forum where I am DuaneB


  8. Hi, thanks for excellent articles. The link to "Monitoring Wheel Speed" doesn't seem to work. It says to me that i don't have privileges to see the page.

  9. Try the link straight after the picture, that one works -


  10. Hi a final project for diploma kinda same as this project..i try to understand this. Maybe i need guide...i hope u can teach me..can i have your email ? i hope u can help me.

  11. Duane, i hope to try your code once i get my parts. I plan to make a "cruise control" for a live steam locomotive.
    Do you know of a good code to calculate RPM using infrared sensor and attachInterrupt? The only thing i've gotten to work that is close is PulseIn. Anything using interrupts gives crazy values. Just thought i'd ask.

  12. Dear Duane

    I am building a Diy Lap Counter Similar to yours.
    Thank you for sharing it online with a great tutorial.
    I was wondering is there anyway you can send me the program file for Audrino?

    Thank you

  13. See the downloads page -


  14. Duane....

    Thank you for your Prompt Reply...
    Had Downloaded the file...Was wondering is the file program for all 5 stages of the lap counter?
    Thousand Apologies for the asking such a question. Appreciate your help lots.

    Thank you

  15. Hi, There are two files, the first one is step one in the series, this is the breadboard prototype. The second file is the latest version, I would go straight to this version, the only thing that might catch you out is that I moved some of the pins around in the latest version. You will need to check the comments in the code for which pins to connect to the LCD, buttons and audio output - you can either change the connections in the circuit or change the pin numbers in the code to match the connections your currently have. Duane

  16. Thank you for sharing this information this is very nice blog thank you for giving this info

  17. I am totally out of my depth however i want to take the RC rx signal (PMW) from the output of my receiver and control RS485 Pelco-D and I believe that can only be done via microcontroler. Don't know who to ask for help?

  18. I bookmarked the shit out of this. Your Multi-channel bit-flag program sprouted epiphanies for me. My programs are now much more time efficient.


  19. Very very nice building log! Would you consider this system to be usable for detecting F2C as in this video?
    Models might be from 0 to 4m high, do you believe the IR can be detected at this distance?


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