Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lap Timer - Standalone Arduino

Finally some progress on the Lap Timer.

Some long awaited components have arrived allowing me to base the project on a standalone Arduino. I have now replaced this UNO based set up -

With this standalone/strip board Arduino which now fits nicely inside the project box.

The top left of the board has a six pin header available for serial programming with a USB to Serial cable, I am using this one from oomlout -

I still have a long hardware and software to do list -

1) At the moment the standalone system is powered through the six pin serial programming header, I need to decide on an external power source and whether this will be in the main project box with the Arduino or in the separate sensor module.

2) Provide power through a switching transistor or the buzzer for maximum volume

3) Build the sensor module

4) Add mode selection for a time based mode or a lap based mode

5) Add time/lap selection depending on the mode in 4)

6) Add a countdown timer for the start of 'time attack' mode.