Wednesday, February 12, 2014

RCArduino Downloads

Downloads available so far -

Illutron B,
Personal Lap Timer Part 1
Latest Personal Lap Timer
Serial Servos - 20 Servos from 4 Pins

projects are now uploaded to google docs.

To download zip files containing the projects, you will need to -

1) Select the project link below

2) In the window that opens look for the 'File' menu in the top left of the screen

3) Open the file menu and select 'Download', this should open a popup window asking you to confirm the download, you should see the name of the project zip file in this window, if so accept the download.

4) Unzip the folder inside the file and move it into your arduino projects folder. You should now be able to build the project.
Original project Post
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Serial Servos 
Download Here -

More to come as and when I get asked for them.

As I am new to using google docs, please let me know if you successfully download the files.


Duane B.