Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Year Projects

A quick teaser of some of the projects and components that will be featured on RC Arduino in the new year.

TFT Screen, 4 * Bi Color LED Matrix, Analogue Joystick, Microphone

Analogue Joystick, Touch Screen Overlay, Soft Pot.

A small collection of mini synths - Korg Monotron, Dubreq Stylophone, Bleep Labs Nebulophone.

RC Car Active Power Distribution
I am also planning to bring this monster back to life -
 Its two RC Cars joined together to make a twin motor 4wd car with independent throttle control to the front and rear axles. The result is a small car with way too much power, its very much in the spirit of a Group B rally car or the twin motored Suzuki Escudo rally car.

Stay Tuned

DUane B

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