Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Uncontrollable Sand Scorcher Explained

Someone pointed out to me that its clear the Sand Scorcher has a lot of power in it from this picture.

 A lot of power putting a lot of sand in the air !

It turns out they were right. The low powered 'silver can' motor I installed was actually a much more powerful 19 Turn motor. Combined with the lightweight 25C Lipo battery was a bit much for the 30 year old chassis design.

Interestingly I was running the battery/motor combination through a standard Tamiya TEU104-BK Electronic Speed controller which survived the two or three runs it took me to discover the motor mistake.

Does this mean you can run a 19 Turn motor off the TEU-104 ?

No, I was lucky, you might not be. I will not be running this car again until I get the time to change the motor to either a Tamiya Sport Tuned or a Hobbywing 13 Turn brushless.

In the meantime I hope to road test part of the m-chassis traction control system this evening. I am a little apprehensive about moving this from the bench to road testing. This will be the first time I have run the car with the Arduino taking an active part in the control of the car, its a bit like 'fly by wire', there is no direct connection from the receiver to the speed controller, all speed signals are being sent from the Arduino.

Traction control update coming soon ...

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